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Orthopedic Supplies

Your Source for Prosthetics & More

At Honolulu Orthopedic Supply you'll find an entire collection of quality prosthetics, orthopedic shoes, and back supports. We pride ourselves on offering you only the best for your 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to speak with an expert on the right prosthetic for you. Benefit from great prices and high quality on any prosthetics or aids by contacting us right away at 808-596-2588 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Prosthetic supplies

Lower Limb Prostheses | Upper Limb Prostheses | Partial Foot Prostheses | Immediate Post-Operative Procedures

Mastectomy Products:
Breast Prostheses | Mastectomy Bras

Foot Management:
Arch Supports | Foot Orthotics | Shoe Modifications | Diabetic &

Arthritic Shoes
Custom-Molded Shoes | Cast Shoes | Wooden Sole Shoes

Medical equipment & more

Durable Medical Equipment:
Canes | Crutches | Walkers | Grab Bars | Bath Benches | Commodes | Cervical Traction Units

Lower Extremity Orthotics | Upper Extremity Orthotics | Spinal Orthoses | Ankle & Knee Braces

Back & Wrist Braces | Lumbo Sacral Corsets | Fracture Bracing | Custom Body Jackets |Elastic Support Hosiery | Jobst Custom Supports

Back & Neck Supports:
Back Support Cushions | Seat Cushions | Cervical Pillows

Patient Aids:
Bed | Wedges | Reachers

Manufacturers Represented

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics
Artificial limbs to braces to orthotic shoes. Which features the lines like: Insignia, The ComfortFlex Socket System, WalkAide undefined OmniVR.

Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc

Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics
Which features lines like: i-LIMB Hand, ProDigit Fingers, Custom Protective Facemasks, Cranial Remolding Helmet, Step Watch Monitor, SMART Pyramid, Walk-Aide, E-MAG Active. 

O And P 
Orthotics, prosthetics, orthopedic footwear, sports and recreation gear.

Advanced Arm Dynamics

Using carbon fiber composite materials and smart electronics to provide sophisticated yet practical solutions to the needs of lower limb amputees
Medical equipment for making orthopedic insoles in Honolulu, HI
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